An important part of my ride will be staying hydrated and fed during the event. I’ve run some numbers, and I have some exciting news… frappI can have a unicorn frappe every 2 hours during my ride! So if I do like 22 hours of riding that would be in the order of 11 sweet magical unicorn frappes over the day! Go unicorn power.

Ewww. Just kidding. Plus, I’m pretty sure we shouldn’t be grinding up unicorns for coffee drinks… Okay, anyways, back to my ride. I wanted to give everyone a little inside look at my planning process and some of the logistics that are going into this ride.

As I’ve said elsewhere I like to see the numbers, and I love using spreadsheets. No, really, I actually do. So, not surprisingly I made a spreadsheet. It’s pretty cool… it does some math for me and tells me how much water, sports drink and food I’ll need to consume for a given amount of vertical.

Now, British Cycling, who work with these guys:

Gertaint Thomas, Mark Cavendish , Victoria Pendleton and Sir Bradley Wiggo




have some material on on bike nutrition. They recommend 0.5 – 1 g/kg/hr of carbohydrate over the course of the ride. Without giving too much away about my girlish figure, that means that I will be eating a reasonable amount of carbs throughout the ride.

How much you ask? Thank you for asking, I was hoping you would. Up to 28 peanut butter and jam sandwiches on top of the carbs that will come from sports drink. Maybe I could get one of those big sandwiches fromsubway, but just get it with PB&J. Mmm, six feet of PB&J!giant_sub_notext

Now, I don’t want to eat 28 PB&J sandwiches. One, and then licking the knife clean and putting it back in the drawer (just kidding)…(maybe) is pretty good but I had to come up with some other things to eat during my ride that I’m going to like, that are easy to prepare, are easy to eat on the bike, and are easy to digest. Steak sandwiches, maybe not so much.

There are lots of options: apples, bananas, other fruit, all the varieties of bread, PB, jam, honey, nutella, raisins, cashews, and weird sports food like cliff blocks and gels (which I’m trying to swoffle-with-coffeestay away from). But there is one thing that I’m particularly looking forward to: Stroopwafels.

Stroopwafels are so delicious. They are a Dutch delicacy. Sweet waffles filled with a delicious mix of syrup, brown sugar, butter and cinamon. Nom nom nom! These will totally be a treat for during the ride that I will give myself when I need something to pick me up. I’m so in love with stroopwafels that I’m deliberately holding back on buying them before the event because I know that I won’t be able to resist eating all of them that are in the house.

My other challenge with nutrition is how and when to take it on. On most rides that I’ve done before I’ve done most of the eating off the bike. Occasionally I’d have a snack but I did most of the eating at stops. On this ride, I don’t really want to do that because that means breaking rhythm and momentum to stop and eat, something that I will have to do relatively frequently. To that end I have a plan for eating near the top of the lap where the hill is easier and pretty straight.

I also have to take on fluid during the ride, somewhere in the order of 500-1000 mL per Waitress Mitterer carries twelve beer mugs during the last day at Munich's Oktoberfesthour. So if you’re keeping track, that’s somewhere around 10 -20-ish liters of water and drinks over the ride. Unfortunately, probably none of that will be beer. I was thinking of inviting this lady but she’s not around. That being said, you’re welcome to have a beer during my ride. Although it’s in a city park so discretion (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) is key! Please don’t get me kicked out.

So back to what I’ll be drinking… My plan right now is 750 mL/hr of fluid. 250 of water and 500 of sports drink. I’m a little bit worried about that amount of fluid so one of the things that I’ll be testing is how much fluid I actually need over the course of a ride and adjust my intake from there. The sport drink is great because it has electrolytes and some carbs so I don’t have to eat quite as much.

On another front, I want to thank my friends Mike and Anita Garland and his company Enerplus (who matched his donation) for a very generous donation. Thanks you guys! My total is $11,550 so we are definitely getting there. If you’d like to donate for the first time or again, as always, you can do it here.


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