The count down is on and  it’s time to get to nailing down some final logistics. While my aim is to be pretty independent, I know how much easier it is to do when others are around, not only for the company but also for prepping some of the food and water so I don’t have to jump off the bike and fill up water bottles, etc. I am also thinking that it would be a lot safer and nicer to have someone with me in those hours in the middle of the night.I’m hoping there are some people out there that might be willing to sign up to man the supplies for an hour or two, or more, over night on the Friday night into Saturday morning.

I’m planning to start on Friday night (which is actually June 23) at midnight. I expect it to take me 24-26 hours to complete the 10,000m. I already have a friend who has committed to being around from midnight to 2:30 and then Aleta is going to start riding around 4:30 to 6:30am and then will save some of her 2000m for the end of the day nearing to the next midnight as I continue to push along.

If you are available for an hour or two at any point to keep an eye on food and drink bottles for me, then please email Aleta at aleta.ambrose@shaw.ca and she will pencil you in. I appreciate all the support and the ability to just get in the groove and not have to worry about  supplies and fuel stops. It will be a pretty easy job – just keeping an eye on the drinks bottles and food supplies to make sure they are filled, accessible, and not being eaten by my children.

I will say it again, everyone is very welcome to come out to cheer me on on June 24th. Bring your bike and do a lap or two, or more. Challenge yourself and know it is all for supporting a great cause. Feel free to share it with others that you may know too. The more the merrier. I’m hoping to keep track of all the support laps ridden and see that add up to another 10,000 meters. Aleta is planning to do 2000, and Charlotte has sworn she will do one – don’t let a seven year old kick your butt!

I have the map on an earlier blog but to be specific, the main station is going to be at the top of the hill in Silver Springs. There is a small playground here and some big trees for shade. There’s lots of parking, there is food and drink nearby, but no bathrooms – so pee before you leave home.

On the topic of refreshment, my lovely friend Tracy has kindly volunteered to do a cookie and refreshment stand with the Charlotte and Gabrielle on the day. Fresh baked cookies and some cold drinks will be sold by donation so bring a few bucks. I can say with total honesty that Tracy’s amazing cookies have kept me going through many tough days since we got on her distribution list when the boys were born.

Also on the day I have two really nice prize bags that were donated and we will be raffling off to donors. We will also be drawing the prize for a year’s free subscription the Sufferfest training video app. Also, my mother-in-law Sally has promised to bring a tin of her amazing home made EatMore bar and anyone who rides a lap can have some. Seriously, you want some of this bar. On my training day I used this bar as a prize to stay motivated – it’s that good.

On the fundraising front, the total is $12,900. Donations are most welcome right up to the day, and are still coming in. If you want to donate, as always, you can do so here. If you’d prefer to wait until the day to donate please feel free – we can’t do cash donations on the day but you can always donate by credit card.

Oh, and one last thing – pray for reasonable weather.


1 thought on “Logistics”

  1. I’m in for doing Laps with you from 12am until 8am or so then come back if you still out there after midnight until your done,


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