Quick reflections on my ride

So this post is not meant to be the big wrap up post that covers all the details of the ride, this is just a few quick reflections from the day. A few people follow this blog and we aren’t connected on facebook so I wanted to get some thoughts put down.

First and foremost is a huge sense of gratitude – to donors, to supporters, and to “sherpas” – people who rode support laps. As a lark we wondered how many total support laps would be done on the day so we (Aleta) decided to count. There were at least 280 support laps ridden by friends, family, and a few passers-by. That means that collectively, they put up 25,200 vertical meters.

There was a couple who had heard about me and cheered me on at the start, at midnight, in the rain. So amazing to have strangers supporting you.

I did not cover the full 10,000 meters. By midnight I realized that the hour of sleep that I had managed to get (angry babies and a flat tire on the vehicle with the bike rack on Friday) was not going to carry me through. The final stats were 8907 meters, 339 k and 27 hours. And then I went to bed. Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Quick reflections on my ride”

  1. Congratulations Gord!! Ryan and I were completely inspired by you and your team. You should feel nothing but total pride on your accomplishment! 27 hours is a very, very long time to be awake!! – never mind on a bike climbing hills!! I can’t imagine how physically and emotionally draining it was and what a sense of pride you must feel for having done it. A total “win” in my books 😉


  2. You are amazing Gord – way to go! I can’t imagine being on my bike that long and the endurance you have to complete what you did!! AWESOME!! No doubt you crashed in bed on Sun. Sorry we couldn’t be there to cheer you on in person. Congrats on your ride!!


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